MCSD Web Applications (1 Cert) – 10 Days


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10 days

Exams Included & Administered During Camp:

70-480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

70-486: Designing ASP.NET 4.5 MVC Web Applications

70-487: Developing Windows Azure and Web Services

What's Included

  • Airfare To/From Sarasota or TampaAirfare To/From Sarasota or Tampa
  • 4 Microsoft Test Vouchers3 Microsoft Test Vouchers
  • Microsoft Training BooksMicrosoft Training Books
  • 12 Nights of Lodging10 Nights of Lodging
  • 2 Retake Vouchers (If needed)3 Retake Vouchers (if needed)
  • Microsoft Study Labs & SimulationsMicrosoft Study Labs & Simulations
  • Ground TransportationGround Transportation
  • Onsite Prometric Testing CenterOnsite Pearson Vue Test Center
  • Instructor Led Classroom TrainingInstructor Led Classroom Training
* Please contact us for pricing without lodging and transportation.

The Microsoft MCSD: Web Application Training & Certification Boot camp is 10 days of an intense deep dive into the essential aspect developing web applications with Visual Studio. Discover the new features of HTML5, CCS3, jQuery, ASP .NET Web Forms, MVC & Azure. Our program incorporates Microsoft Courses: 20480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Course Description & 20486: Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications and JavaScript & 20487: Developing Windows Azure and Web Services

While attending this training program - you take three certification exams to test and certify for the MCSD: Web Applications official certification. If your goal is to learn how to use Visual Studio to develop web apps and pass the certification exam - you've found the right place. This course is a hybrid of actual hands on learning combined with focused materials mapped to exam objectives.

After completing the MCSD Web Applications Boot Camp, students will be able to:

Explain how to use Visual Studio to create and run a Web application.
Describe the new features of HTML5, and create and style HTML5 pages.
Add interactivity to an HTML5 page by using JavaScript.
Create HTML5 forms by using different input types, and validate user input by using HTML5 attributes and JavaScript code.
Send and receive data to and from a remote data source by using XMLHTTPRequest objects and jQuery AJAX operations.
Style HTML5 pages by using CSS3.
Create well-structured and easily-maintainable JavaScript code.
Use common HTML5 APIs in interactive Web applications.
Create Web applications that support offline operations.
Create HTML5 Web pages that can adapt to different devices and form factors.
Add advanced graphics to an HTML5 page by using Canvas elements, and by using and Scalable Vector Graphics.
Enhance the user experience by adding animations to an HTML5 page.
Use Web Sockets to send and receive data between a Web application and a server.
Improve the responsiveness of a Web application that performs long-running operations by using Web Worker processes.

Describe the Microsoft Web Technologies stack and select an appropriate technology to use to develop any given application.
Design the architecture and implementation of a web application that will meet a set of functional requirements, user interface requirements, and address business models.
Create MVC Models and write code that implements business logic within Model methods, properties, and events.
Add Controllers to an MVC Application to manage user interaction, update models, and select and return Views.
Create Views in an MVC application that display and edit data and interact with Models and Controllers.
Run unit tests and debugging tools against a web application in Visual Studio 2012 and configure an application for troubleshooting.
Develop a web application that uses the ASP.NET routing engine to present friendly URLs and a logical navigation hierarchy to users.
Implement a consistent look and feel, including corporate branding, across an entire MVC web application.
Use partial page updates and caching to reduce the network bandwidth used by an application and accelerate responses to user requests.
Write JavaScript code that runs on the client-side and utilizes the jQuery script library to optimize the responsiveness of an MVC web application.
Implement a complete membership system in an MVC 4 web application.
Build an MVC application that resists malicious attacks and persists information about users and preferences.
Describe how to write a Windows Azure web service and call it from and MVC application.
Describe what a Web API is and why developers might add a Web API to an application.
Modify the way browser requests are handled by an MVC application.
Describe how to package and deploy an ASP.NET MVC 4 web application from a development computer to a web server for staging or production.

Query and manipulate data with Entity Framework
Use ASP.NET Web API to create HTTP-based services and consume them from .NET and non-.NET clients
Extend ASP.NET Web API services using message handlers, model binders, action filters, and media type formatters
Create SOAP-based services with the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and consume them from .NET clients
Apply design principles to service contracts and extend WCF services using custom runtime components and behaviors
Secure WCF services using transport and message security
Use Windows Azure Service Bus for relayed messaging and brokered messaging using queues and topics
Host services on on-premises servers, and on various Windows Azure environments, such as Web Roles, Worker Roles, and Web Sites
Deploy services to both on-premises servers and Windows Azure
Store and access data in Windows Azure Storage, and configure storage access rights
Monitor and log services, both on-premises and in Windows Azure
Implement federated authentication by using ACS with ASP.NET Web API services
Create scalable, load-balanced services

Certification Camps has developed a comprehensive training / delivery format which focuses on learning beyond the core content accessible to any Microsoft training provider. Our program incorporates interactive demonstrations with explanations which go beyond the content of the book. Additional content, videos, labs & demonstrations are provided to expand on advanced topics - providing additional insight and perspective.  Certification Camps boot camp is not the typical "canned" PowerPoint & book presentation found at any local training center.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner with Gold Learning Competency - we adhere to the strict guidelines, standards and requirements to use Microsoft's exclusive curriculum. Our standards go beyond the "minimum requirements" set forth by Microsoft.

We leverage our partnership benefits of courseware customization to build end to end technology solutions. Students gain practical skills which can be implemented immediately.

Our training program starts before you ever set foot in the classroom by providing you with pre-study materials / pre-class remote lab access / pre-class practice test. While attending camp - you will work with an industry leading "real world experienced" Microsoft Certified Trainer. After your camp is over - learning does not stop. You receive 6 months remote access to your classroom lab environment.

CAMPUS - Certification Camps invested $150,000 into a complete training center construction build out. Larger classrooms, no sound transference between training rooms, new desk / executive leather chairs & great common areas.

CLASSROOM SERVERS - Each of our students work on a dedicated Dell 8500 / 8700 with an Intel i7 (4th generation), minimum of 16GB memory (Most with 32 GB) and most with 512GB SSD drives.

CAMPUS INTERNET - The campus is connected with a 300Mbs Verizon Fios Business Connection which provides complete internet (including VPN) access for students.

COMMON AREA - Unlike any training facility ever - breakroom with Mame Aracde, high end "kitchen" breakroom with snacks, drinks (Starbucks Coffee, 100% juices, sodas, etc) and breathtaking terrace.

LODGING - We use the Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites Lakewood Ranch.  This "upgraded" hotel offers extremely comfortable beds, great breakfast and very fast (Verizon) internet access.

NEAR BY AMENITIES - Many shops, restuarants and grocery options are available within walking distance.  Additionally - the hotel provided scheduled shuttle services. Restuarants like Bone Fish Grill, Ruby Tuesday's, Five Guys, Chipotle, Quiznos, Chili's and over 20 additional choices in the immediate area. All of these options are offered in a pedestrian walking village.


Certification Camps provides a very in-depth hands on learning environment, not the typical book reading and Power Point presentation found at any local training center.  Our instructors teach using demonstrations and explain concepts beyond the scope of the courseware. Instructors are contracted from all across the US.  The instructors are real world consultants who actually implement these technologies and not spend 100% of their time teaching.  We believe since you have to work in the "real world" - it only makes sense to have an instructor with the experience in the real world.

Facilities - Many of our competitors over-crowd classrooms by placing 2 to 3 students per desk and 20+ students per instructor. Often they try to extend the life of very old equipment with lag and slow performance on the software used today. Our average class size is 8 students. Our facilities have the best equipment with the most comfortable, focused environment for learning.

Instructors - Our CEO, Chester Flake holds one of the rarest Microsoft Certifications - the Microsoft Certified Learning Consultant (MCLC) Certification.  This certification reflects our company commitment to make sure our instructors are also actively engaged in real world consulting projects. Our instructors teach using hands on demonstrations - not the typical Power Point and book reading format used at any local training center. We know students can read a book on their own and do not need someone reading Power Point slides. Students expect a professional who can answer and demonstrate the technology questions.

Test Pass Guarantees - We offer a free retake voucher for each of the exams required for certification. Any training center offering a "pass guarantee" would have to use unethical practices or unlimited test vouchers (which is not likely or practical).

Distractions - Students often look for a "local" training center so they can be close to home and work. Boot camp requires a tremendous time commitment during the program.  Long class hours combined with self study - so you can achieve the same goal of certification in a fraction of the time. We strongly recommend students are in an environment where they can focus and study without distraction.

Boot Camps - Most training providers "added" boot camps to the services they offer.  We have always focused and exclusively offered just boot camps.  Most training centers think a boot camp is just a regular class where you send the student home with a voucher on the last day.  We test you every few days while you are attending the camp. Not every trainer can teach a boot camp and not all courseware is designed for boot camp format.  Our trainers know the boot camp format and our courseware is designed for accelerated learning.

Florida - Certification Camps has one of the most scenic locations boasting some of the best weather in US. We believe students should have a comfortable and inviting atmosphere while attending these otherwise intense programs. We certainly place our location up against that any competitor.