Cisco CCNA Certification Boot Camp (1 Cert) – 5 Days


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ALL-INCLUSIVE COST: What does this price include?
5 days

200-120 Cisco Certified Network Associate Exam

What's Included

  • Airfare To/From Sarasota or TampaAirfare To/From Sarasota or Tampa
  • 4 Microsoft Test Vouchers1 Cisco CCNA Test Voucher
  • Microsoft Training BooksCisco Training Books
  • 12 Nights of Lodging5 Nights of Lodging
  • 2 Retake Vouchers (If needed)1 Retake Vouchers (if needed)
  • Instructor Led Classroom TrainingInstructor Led Classroom Training
  • Ground TransportationGround Transportation
  • Onsite Prometric Testing CenterVue Testing Center
  • Microsoft Study Labs & Simulations24 Hour Access To Lab
* Please contact us for pricing without lodging and transportation.

Those who attend the five-day CCNA® Bootcamp will learn fundamental computer networking concepts and apply them as they configure a LAN/WAN network using Cisco routers and Catalyst switches. Through lectures, discussions, demonstrations, exercises, and laboratory projects, students are given information sufficient to identify and recommend the best Cisco solutions for anywhere from small to enterprise-sized businesses. CCNA also provides the installation, configuration, and troubleshooting information that technical support people require to install, manage, and configure Cisco products.

The following topics are covered during the CCNA Bootcamp -

• Building a Simple Network

• Switching

• Wireless LANs

• LAN Connections

• WAN Connections

• Network Environment Management

• Medium-Sized Routed Network Construction

• Single-Area OSPF Implementation

• EIGRP Implementation

• Access Control Lists

• Address Space Management

• LAN Extension into a WAN with Frame Relay


We are often asked... "How can you achieve certification with just a few days of training?" Certification Bootcamps is an accelerated learning environment. We take the Cisco Training Materials - remove the unnecessary content and focus on the topics specific to certification.  Our instructors use hands on demonstrations to bring test objectives to life.  Students are completely immersed in the technology.

During our instructor led class hours - students are taught with lectures, demonstrations, labs and videos.  At the completion of the instructor led class time - students focus on study questions covering the topics of the day and looking over material to be covered the next day.

Bootcamp requires commitment to achieve success.  Students work an average of 10 to 12 hours a day between class time and self study exercises.  Bootcamps may sound intimidating and students come with various levels of skill sets - however, they all find success if they commit to our program.

Our instructors explain technical concepts in a way students can see and relate to. No two students are alike - and our class is dynamic to cater to the needs of the students.



Prior to offering a bootcamp on our schedule - hundreds of hours are dedicated to

-- Constructing the content and layout of the course

-- Prepping the lecture materials

-- Developing, evaluating and testing labs

-- Researching additional resources to value add to the course

-- Studying and passing the corresponding Microsoft exams

We do this to provide our students with the very best training solution possible.

CAMPUS - Certification Camps invested $150,000 into a complete training center construction build out. Larger classrooms, no sound transference between training rooms, new desk / executive leather chairs & great common areas.

CLASSROOM SERVERS - Each of our students work on a dedicated Dell 8500 / 8700 with an Intel i7 (4th generation), minimum of 16GB memory (Most with 32 GB) and most with 512GB SSD drives.

CAMPUS INTERNET - The campus is connected with a 300Mbs Verizon Fios Business Connection which provides complete internet (including VPN) access for students.

COMMON AREA - Unlike any training facility ever - breakroom with Mame Aracde, high end "kitchen" breakroom with snacks, drinks (Starbucks Coffee, 100% juices, sodas, etc) and breathtaking terrace.

LODGING - We use the Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites Lakewood Ranch.  This "upgraded" hotel offers extremely comfortable beds, great breakfast and very fast (Verizon) internet access.

NEAR BY AMENITIES - Many shops, restuarants and grocery options are available within walking distance.  Additionally - the hotel provided scheduled shuttle services. Restuarants like Bone Fish Grill, Ruby Tuesday's, Five Guys, Chipotle, Quiznos, Chili's and over 20 additional choices in the immediate area. All of these options are offered in a pedestrian walking village.


Certification Camps provides a very in-depth hands on learning environment, not the typical book reading and Power Point presentation found at any local training center.  Our instructors teach using demonstrations and explain concepts beyond the scope of the courseware. Instructors are contracted from all across the US.  The instructors are real world consultants who actually implement these technologies and not spend 100% of their time teaching.  We believe since you have to work in the "real world" - it only makes sense to have an instructor with the experience in the real world.

Facilities - Many of our competitors over-crowd classrooms by placing 2 to 3 students per desk and 20+ students per instructor. Often they try to extend the life of very old equipment with lag and slow performance on the software used today. Our average class size is 8 students. Our facilities have the best equipment with the most comfortable, focused environment for learning.

Instructors - Our CEO, Chester Flake holds one of the rarest Microsoft Certifications - the Microsoft Certified Learning Consultant (MCLC) Certification.  This certification reflects our company commitment to make sure our instructors are also actively engaged in real world consulting projects. Our instructors teach using hands on demonstrations - not the typical Power Point and book reading format used at any local training center. We know students can read a book on their own and do not need someone reading Power Point slides. Students expect a professional who can answer and demonstrate the technology questions.

Test Pass Guarantees - We offer a free retake voucher for each of the exams required for certification. Any training center offering a "pass guarantee" would have to use unethical practices or unlimited test vouchers (which is not likely or practical).

Distractions - Students often look for a "local" training center so they can be close to home and work. Boot camp requires a tremendous time commitment during the program.  Long class hours combined with self study - so you can achieve the same goal of certification in a fraction of the time. We strongly recommend students are in an environment where they can focus and study without distraction.

Boot Camps - Most training providers "added" boot camps to the services they offer.  We have always focused and exclusively offered just boot camps.  Most training centers think a boot camp is just a regular class where you send the student home with a voucher on the last day.  We test you every few days while you are attending the camp. Not every trainer can teach a boot camp and not all courseware is designed for boot camp format.  Our trainers know the boot camp format and our courseware is designed for accelerated learning.

Florida - Certification Camps has one of the most scenic locations boasting some of the best weather in US. We believe students should have a comfortable and inviting atmosphere while attending these otherwise intense programs. We certainly place our location up against that any competitor.