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Why All Your Employees should get a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

The Microsoft Office Specialist is a certification that benefits everyone looking for a job. It covers all aspects of Microsoft Office, which is a necessity in almost all job fields. However, this certification also benefits companies and organizations. What is a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification? A Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification is an exam that tests the candidate’s knowledge on Microsoft Office. Microsoft offers the specialist certification for their Office 2013, Office 2010, and Office 2007. (for Office 365 you can pursue MCSA Office 365). Some certifications will be easier to prepare for, especially if you have received a college…Read More »

Earn College Credits from Microsoft Certifications

When you are considering whether a Microsoft Certification is worth the time, money, and effort, you want to consider your college career. In addition to receiving a certification when you pass the specified exams, you will also earn college credits. Making Microsoft Certifications worth It Any of the Microsoft Certification exams take a lot of time to prepare for and cost money. You will need to also find an authorized location to take the test, and many last several hours. However, the effort you put forth will look good on your resume, as well as earn you up to six…Read More »

2015 is the Best Time to get a SharePoint 2013 Certification

Obtaining a Microsoft Certification is a way to display what IT skills you possess to employers. The job market is getting tougher to get into, so employers are looking for the people who stand out above the rest. SharePoint 2013 is a platform that is being used heavily by many companies, making getting the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 certification vital. SharePoint SharePoint is a platform that was launched in 2001 and has been extremely successful. It was originally used mainly in Fortune 500 companies, but this is no longer the case. It is such an invaluable tool to a company that…Read More »

Microsoft Certifications Can Get You a Six Figure Salary

The IT industry is constantly growing, offering those with the skills and certifications the opportunity to quickly rise up through the ranks and earn well above the American average. Microsoft Certifications are among the most in-demand, with the holders routinely earning well over six figure salaries every year. Certifications are Independent of a College Education Certifications are the new alternative to a college degree. They serve to illustrate that the holder has obtained the specific skills needed to competently handle a specific topic. This allows people to quickly gain the skills employers are looking for, and have a standard way…Read More »

Can you get a Job Easier if you have a MCSD Certification?

In today’s job market, it could be argued that certifications and degrees will not make finding a job easier. However, the same cannot be said about the MCSD Certification. What is an MCSD Certification? A Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) Certification is an award given to a person who has passed a series of tests that show they know how to design and develop applications. They will know how to expertly use various Microsoft tools and technologies to create a business application. The MCSD Advantage The past for software developers was different from today. The business market wanted people who…Read More »

What is a MCSE Certification and Is It worth It?

When looking for a job in the technology field, you will often hear talk of the Microsoft Certifications. It can be overwhelming and confusing, especially when it comes time to determine if they are worth the cost. One certification that is often talked about is the MCSE Certification. What is a MCSE Certification? The MCSE Certification is a certification to become a system engineer. They are a series of exams that test a person’s knowledge with various Microsoft Servers such as Windows, SQL Server, Exchange Server, Sharepoint, System Center (SCCM) and Lync. What are the MSCE Certification Requirements? MSCE has…Read More »

Which is the Most Popular Microsoft Certification

There are over 25 active Microsoft certifications available covering almost all Microsoft platforms from Windows to SQL Server, Sharepoint, Exchange, System Center, Lynch and Visual Studio. If you are looking at getting a certification to help with getting a job in the IT field, or receive a promotion here are the most popular Microsoft certifications to pursue. # 1 – MCSA Windows Server 2012 MCSA stands for Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, and is one of the essential certifications Microsoft offers. The MCSA Windows Server 2012 certificate requires you to pass three exams that show you know how to install and…Read More »

3 Reasons to Pursue an SQL Server Certification

A SQL server certification is a vital addition to any IT professional’s resume. Obtaining it not only illustrates that the person has the skills needed to handle complex database software; it helps differentiate the employee in a labor market well known for being exceptionally competitive. Here are three reasons that pursuing a Microsoft SQL Server Certificate should be in your professional development plans. #1 – Opens the Door to a Six-Figure Salaries The average database administrator earned around ninety thousand dollars ($90,000) in 2014. It is generally estimated that a Microsoft SQL server certificate adds an additional ten percent to…Read More »

How to Convince Your Employer to Pay for Your Microsoft Certification

Obtaining a Microsoft Certification is extremely beneficial to your career. If you want your employer to cover the costs, you want to make sure you present your case. Why Get Certified? Employers may not understand the benefits of receiving a Microsoft Certification, so you want to make sure you know why you want to be certified. Microsoft Certifications is a great way to prove that you have all the knowledge necessary in a specific technology and is also a way to show your employer that you are up-to date with the latest developments in the ever-changing technology industry. Certifications also…Read More »

What is a Certification Bootcamp?

A certification bootcamp refers to an IT education program which can provide hands-on training in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Why take a Certification Boot Camp? If you are wondering why you should take a certification bootcamp, here are the most important benefits: A certification boot camp can help you get certified. It’s a great way to improve your skills in a short period of time. A certification boot camp does not only save you time, but save you money as well. Taking a certification camp can help you advance your career. Best Reasons to Choose Certification Camps Interactive Demonstrations…Read More »