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Certification Camps Blog

Certification Camps is relocating to newly constructed training center

Certification Camps – a Microsoft Gold Learning Partner continues to experience significant growth in business. As such – We have outgrown our current 7,000 sq ft facility and are expanding into a new 10,000sq ft space. Our new training center required a complete demolition and re-build. The goal of this move is to provide our students with the best environment in and outside of the classroom. Our new center maintains the dedicated one desk, one student model – allowing more workspace. Further – we created common areas which allowed students to have quiet spaces and amenities outside of the classroom...Read More »

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Certification Camps Difference

Why would anyone travel across the country when they have Microsoft training centers around the corner?  Why not go to one of the big franchise places like New Horizons or Global Knowledge? Our training consist of a lecture / demonstration based presentation by a Microsoft Certified Trainer with real world consulting experience.  Our trainers work to go beyond the material presented in the book which could be delivered at any “local” training facility.  Trainers who work with us must organize their presentation and materials in such a way to get information presented in a clear, concise and focused manner –...Read More »

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Introducing Windows 8.1 – Free Update

It is official – Microsoft has announced a FREE upgrade to “Windows 8.1″. Fearful Windows 8 will be known as the next generation Vista – this upgrade is intended to address interface concerns. The most obvious improvement is the return of the Start Button. Windows 8 was like a Swiss Army knife with only one tool – trying to find a one size fits all OS. We interact with different devices in different ways and someone forgot to tell Microsoft. Designing a tablet interface for desktops and even non-touch screen laptops is a mistake. They could have saved millions in...Read More »

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5 Highest Paying Microsoft Certifications for 2013

I debated if I should even write this blog.  Salary surveys are always subjective with so many factors to consider including geography, years experience, etc.  In general -Microsoft Certifications certainly offer value when searching for a job or seeking promotion within an organization. I’m often asked “will this certification help me land a job”.  While my answer is obvious – it is often not thought of.  If you have a certification – you certainly look better than individuals who do not have certification.  Additionally – companies will often need certified professionals to maintain Microsoft competencies which include great benefits such as free...Read More »

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Part 1: CompTIA A+ Certification Why Should I Train & Test?

CompTIA A+ Certification – What Will It Do for My IT Career? Due to the lightning-fast increase of computer technology in vital places, from home businesses to conglomerate companies, IT careers are on the rise and IT professionals are in high demand. But where should an IT professional even begin their training?   CompTIA A+ has been known for a decade now as the go-to “IT 101” training certification that will give IT professionals the necessary skills to understand fundamental knowledge about basic aspects of operating systems, in addition to the professional communication skills required to function with IT clients....Read More »

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IT Professionals: Get Windows Server 2012 Certified!

Windows Server 2012 breaks away from the typical IT infrastructure and brings cloud computing to the forefront of modern business data platforms. This next-generation technology is feature rich and solutions driven, making it a desirable upgrade for businesses of all sizes. Whether an IT professional is new to server administration or is simply renewing their credentials, IT professionals looking to enhance their server-side capabilities would do well to add Windows Server 2012 certifications to their qualifications. Certification Camps is offering a boot camp for MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification and a follow-up boot camp for MCSE: Server Infrastructure certification in...Read More »

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Info Graphic Resume Building 101 for IT Professionals

Info Graphics aren’t just for designers and pretty reports, IT professionals can benefit by using info graphics in their resume’s as well. The simple truth is that information laid out in an easy to interpret manner isn’t just pretty — it makes good sense intuitively and professionally.  An info graphic is a visual way of presenting data, knowledge or information.  Info graphics are a great way to help people digest complex information.  For instance, instead of drowning readers with numbers, percentages and ratios, you can give them an image that is easier to understand.   Not only are info...Read More »

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Current SQL Server Certification Training Courses for 2013

Current SQL Server Certification Training Courses for 2013 at Certification Camps   Certification Camps is the only All-inclusive SQL server certification training center that provides in-depth training in a state-of-the-art training environment with instructors that will guide you step by step through real world applications and demonstrations ensuring that you have a complete working knowledge of the tasks required to pass the certification exams provided at the end of the training courses. We are currently offering SQL certification training courses for the following SQL Server Certifications. Just click on the links below to view detailed information about each course or...Read More »

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SQL Server 2008 Essential Training Versus SQL Server 2012 Training: To Implement or Not to Implement

Employers and IT professionals seeking to increase SQL Server 2008 Essential Training for themselves or for their employees have a fundamental question to ask: Shall we endeavor to train on SQL Server 2008 R2 or move forward to training on the newer SQL Server 2012? Obviously, for each individual and for each employer, this answer will be based upon several determining factors, such as the client base that the business or individual currently serves, the budget of the business or individual, and the applicable functionality of the 2008 version versus the 2012. As most businesses and IT professionals already know,...Read More »

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Top 10 IT Certifications for IT Professionals in 2013

What are the best IT Certification for IT Professionals to get in 2013 going to be? Looking back on 2012, we can safely say the age of advanced technology is upon us, and with it comes a rise in demand for experienced IT professionals. As new development in computer technology demands evermore multifaceted experience, companies worldwide are in search of IT professionals with diverse and stellar credentials. There is no shortage of IT certification training programs that can help IT professionals gain the skills and credentials they need in order to land high-paying jobs and stay ahead of emerging technology...Read More »

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